December 2011 Update

It’s that time of the year once again where our staff is in full gear awaiting the arrival of groups, families and many familiar faces.  The weather has been typical for December, alternating between cool sunny days and cool overcast days with a refreshing light drizzle.

The trees at the lodge are full of Olive Backed Euphonias and Yellow Throated Euphonias among other birds such as Green Honey Creepers and Masked Tatyras.

Raul spotted a couple Jaguars on the property the other day while driving a couple guests around.  He also mentioned that the Lovely Cotinga at Laguna Seca is back at it’s traditional roost of the past couple years.  Zander tried to catch a glimpse based on Raul’s description but had to settle for an Ornate Hawk-Eagle, Blue Crowned Mot Mot, Sulphur Rumped Flycatcher and a Black Headed Trogon.

We’ve made some changes to the lodge which we hope everyone will like.

The landscaping around the lodge has been refreshed since the passing of hurricane Richard.  Many of the plantings from last year have matured and look fantastic.

The parking lot was relocated to an area near the entrance of the lodge.  The old area has been landscaped to perfection by Landscape and Design manager Jacalyn Bowen.

Jackie’s also done some renovations to the two main buildings by adding bush stick railings for looks and safety.

One of the our favorite changes are the new light fixtures in the bar and on the outside of the buildings along with the new bar furniture.  Jackie, Juan and Jeremias designed and built the aforementioned items with salvaged Mahogany and worm eaten Jobillo for wood.  The bar stools were topped with leather from Gallon Jug’s cattle.

All of our managers and staff are well and looking forward to seeing both new and familiar faces this season.  The one exception is Head House Keeper Agripina “Pina” Carillo who retired last August.  Her daughters Shaira and Massiel are still at Chan Chich tell us she is doing well and enjoying her grand children.

Please check back in the new year for our brand new website and our new offerings.  We’ve got some great stuff in store and look forward to serving all who come our way in 2011 and 2012 to the best of our ability.

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