Welcoming Mrs. Jacke Willis, Ms. Anna Mazzaro and Mr. Greg Willis

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Special Update

This week we welcome Mrs. Jackie Willis, Ms. Anna Mazzaro and Mr. Greg Willis.  This is one of  many visits they’ve made to Chan Chich as part of the Rainforest Connection, a project out of Montclair State University.  Rainforest Connection allows the group to connect with hundreds of  students in various schools via webcam to deliver lectures on Monkeys, Snakes and last but not least Jaguars.

Mrs. Willis has also been kind enough to lug down new Reconyx remote cameras each of the past several years.  These cameras have allowed us to capture some great images of critters of all types.  Unfortunately even the best technology gives way to nature sooner or later.  Mrs. Willis is aware of this and hauled down a whopping nine remote cameras this year.  We’re start sharing images of the installation and setup along with captured images as soon as possible.

In the meantime we encourage you to click on the link and learn more about the Rainforest Connection.


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