June 2012

Everyone dreams of seeing a jaguar in the wild. They’re widely distributed, living almost anywhere that has large expanses of thick forest. The biggest populations and most frequent reported sightings are in the Chan Chich area and Rio Bravo Conservation & Management Area. Gallon Jug has five wildcats, all elusive like the jaguar: the puma (aka mountain lion or cougar), almost as big as the jaguar but a uniform gray or brown color (occasionally black); the ocelot, spotted similarly to the jaguar but a lot smaller; the margay, smaller again and also spotted; and the small, brown or gray jaguarundi. After getting the result from nine camera traps from Chan Chich trails and Gallon Jug area , we got tremendous shots of jaguar, puma, ocelot, gray fox, bracket-deer, white tail deer, agoutis, paca, coatimundi, tapir, bare-throated Tiger- Heron, turkeys with chicks, great curassow, crested-guan, and white-collar peccary.

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