Global Big Day is the most ambitious day of the year in citizen science for bird-watchers. Thousands of people around the world try to identify as many bird species as they can within 24 hours. On May 13th 2017, Team Sapsucker – the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s competitive birding team – will be focusing their Global Big Day on the Yucatan Peninsula, a region of Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize that is extremely important to migratory birds, as well as a hotspot for endemic species.

Chan Chich Lodge will be hosting the members of Team Sapsucker who are going to be in Belize, and together we hope to illustrate the great diversity of bird life that can be sheltered by a network of protected lands like ours in Orange Walk, BZ. Please join us!

Last year, only 33 people submitted checklists from Belize on Global Big Day, and none of them were at Chan Chich Lodge. We can definitely do better than that. And we intend to. Out of the 577 bird species reported in Belize over the years on eBird, 333 were sighted on May 14th, 2016; that’s just over half, and this year with your support – ideally in person – we expect to contribute to a significant improvement in Belize’s performance. Chan Chich Lodge has had a total of 337 species documented via eBird in recent years. In such a small country, every person involved is a key contributor to valuable data. For that reason, we repeat please join us!

Any birding that takes place at Chan Chich Lodge in the week leading up to May 13th, 2017 will give Team Sapsucker a better sense of where to look for target species on the Big Day. That’s why we’re inviting you to visit the Lodge then, to help document the birds within our 30,000 acre conservation area, and participate in one of citizen science’s most global and friendly competitions!

Learn more on the eBird 2017 Big Day webpage.

For more information about how and why Chan Chich Lodge supports the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and especially its eBird initiative, or to discuss ideas about how to support the Global Big Day in Belize even if you cannot be with us that week, please email



Past Events

Keel-billed Toucan (Ramphastos sulfuratus). Photo Credit: JJ Huckin

The Great Backyard Bird Count

February 17 – 20, 2017

In December, we hosted the Belize Audubon Society for part of the Christmas Bird Count, and the team of Audubon birders and our Chan Chich Lodge guides saw 185 species in two days! Can you help us beat that record in the new year? The Great Backyard Bird Count, which starts February 17th and and goes through February 20th, is a perfect opportunity for you to join in! Whether a beginning bird watcher or a veteran birder, anyone can participate, and every checklist submitted via eBird contributes to citizen science, providing a valuable snapshot of bird populations around the world. Last year, over 160,000 people submitted a checklist – how many will you send in from Chan Chich Lodge?

Visit to learn more about participating in the 20th annual Great Backyard Bird Count; and if you enjoy photographing birds, there’s even a photo contest!