Getting Here


Chan Chich Lodge is located on Gallon Jug Estate in north-western Belize. This lies within the largest contiguous forest north of the Amazon basin. Conservation efforts to sustain and preserve the tri-national Maya Forest (“La Selva Maya”) are underway with collaborative efforts undertaken in Belize, Guatemala and Mexico. Gallon Jug Estate enjoys a fortunate location at the heart of La Selva Maya, buffered on all sides by forest and/or protected areas. Thanks to the efforts of owner, Barry Bowen, to control hunting and other illegal activities over the past 20+ years, wildlife has thrived.

Gallon Jug Estate is also an important component in the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor, a regional conservation effort that seeks to link green areas throughout the region to promote biological and genetic diversity as well as healthy ecosystems. With its excellent diversity and species numbers, Wildlife Conservation Society scientists believe that the Gallon Jug Estate provides a safe haven for “source” populations to disperse to outlying areas in La Selva Maya that are more impacted by human activities.

Traveling to Chan Chich Lodge:

Belize is a 2 hour direct flight from LAX, Miami, Houston and Dallas Fortworth. There are also direct flights from Newark, Charlotte and Atlanta (as well as various locations in Mexico and throughout Central America).

The Lodge is reachable by a 30 minute charter flight from within most locations within Belize, which can be arranged with our reservationist. Private Planes are welcome, please contact us at for information and coordinates.

If you wish to drive to Chan Chich Lodge we recommended you rent only 4WD vehicles and travel with a mobile phone. Contact us at to coordinate your arrival as permission must be obtained in advance.