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Come visit Chan Chich Lodge during the height of the season! The Lodge currently has a few remaining rooms in March, a beautiful time of year in Western Belize! Contact Anabella for details!

50% OFF!

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houk studentChan Chich Lodge is offering an unbelievable 50% off Bed & Breakfast during our Summer Archeo Session!  This season offers the unique opportunity to learn about about the Chan Chich Maya Site from Project Director, Dr. Brett A. Houk. Guests will enjoy observing areas under excavation by Dr. Houk’s crew of students and collegues. There will also be an opportunity to attend Dr. Houk’s lectures and guided walks.

Available June 1 – 30 2016 for stays of 3 nights or more. Discount applies to Bed & Breakfast only.

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or call Anabella Toll-Free at 1-877-279-5726

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Jaguars are regularly seen in the Gallon Jug Area/ Chan Chich Lodge-Belize

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Jaguars are regularly seen in the Gallon Jug Area/ Chan Chich because this area of wild forests and wetlands plays host to plenty of peccaries, tapirs, and other animals that are preyed upon by the neotropical king of the jungle.

Sighting report from September 22nd -October 13th, 2012, jaguars were at Gallon Jug Area & Chan Chich Trails more than ten times during the daytime and nighttime. The majority of the time they were one day after the other.

Jaguar spotted at Silvester Road, Bajo-River Trail.

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What does a Jaguar represent to Mayan?
“A symbol of strength, divinity, and general domain over all things – a very big sign of power for the Mayans. By night, the jaguar god would rule over the Mayan Underworld, by day he would prowl across the morning sky from east to west, returning back to the Underworld at dusk. The cosmic forces of day and night fall into the jaguar’s realm. A symbol of imminent domain in all things celestial, as well as an ultimate sign for confidence and leadership”

These beautiful and powerful beasts was spotted at Laguna Seca.

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These beautiful and powerful beasts was spotted at Laguna Seca. The area is often patrolled by a troop of resident spider monkeys and chances to spot ,White Lipped &White Collard Peccaries, agouti, puma,jaguar, ocelot, and Margy. It is a spot known for water loving species such as the Northern Jacana, Bare Throated Tiger Heron, Anhingas and many others. It is also known as a seasonal spot for Lovely Cotingas and Ornate Hawk-Eagles.

June 2012

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Everyone dreams of seeing a jaguar in the wild. They’re widely distributed, living almost anywhere that has large expanses of thick forest. The biggest populations and most frequent reported sightings are in the Chan Chich area and Rio Bravo Conservation & Management Area. Gallon Jug has five wildcats, all elusive like the jaguar: the puma (aka mountain lion or cougar), almost as big as the jaguar but a uniform gray or brown color (occasionally black); the ocelot, spotted similarly to the jaguar but a lot smaller; the margay, smaller again and also spotted; and the small, brown or gray jaguarundi. After getting the result from nine camera traps from Chan Chich trails and Gallon Jug area , we got tremendous shots of jaguar, puma, ocelot, gray fox, bracket-deer, white tail deer, agoutis, paca, coatimundi, tapir, bare-throated Tiger- Heron, turkeys with chicks, great curassow, crested-guan, and white-collar peccary.

Wildlifes at Laguna Seca

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When  you come to Chan Chich Lodge, try Laguna Seca driving tour in early morning or late afternoon. I discovered that this area is busy of wildlife-jaguars, pumas, ocelots, white tail deers, brown bracket-deers, & birds.


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1.5 miles away from the lodge, this mountain cow was spotted at the “aguada”(pond). The “aguada” is located northwest of the lodge-close to chicleros camp.” In 1985, when Barry Bowen led a crew of bushmen to the old site of Gallon Jug to start the process of re-opening the area, one of the men in the party, an old chiclero named Tenico, mentioned a long-forgotten chiclero camp named “Santa Maria”, which was located next to a large Maya site near the Chan Chich Creek.”

December 2012 Solstice Celebration

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Maya 2012 CalendarOn December 21, 2012, come be a part of history as we celebrate the completion of the Mayan Long-Count Calendar, representing the ending of the great cycle of the 13th B’ak’tun, a period of almost 52 years. This day has been anticipated by the native people of Belize for centuries. Contrary to popular myth, it does not signify the end of time, but the new beginning of a new calendar. Such a monumental event only comes around every 52 years, so don’t miss it!

Spend the day with us exploring phenomenal Mayan sites throughout the region such as Xunantunich, Lamanai, the ATM Cave, and Tikal.

You can also experience Mayan ruins in a whole new way by joining us for a horseback ride to the Punta de Cacao ruins on the Gallon Jug property. Archeological walks of the Chan Chich Mayan ruins are also available.

In the evening, we will host a celebration in the upper plaza of our Mayan ruins, including traditional food and drinks. A ceremony will be held to honor Mayan history in Belize as well as the history of Chan Chich. Following the ceremony will be a festival and display. Join us in the heart of the “La Selva Maya” to mark the end of the Mayan Long-Count Calendar and the beginning of the new era.

They show a keen interest in the camera.

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They show a keen interest in the camera and curious about the camera red light. It’s that funny? Specially the ocelot playing with it.