FREE On Select Dates in January

Limited to 16 guests per date. Email [email protected] to secure your spot.

Take advantage of our 25% special and join Virginia Tech in the field for a free Jaguar Tracking Expedition on these select dates: Jan.13-14, 19-20 & 24-25, 2018.

Although sightings are extremely rare, at Chan Chich Lodge you have one of the best chances to see the elusive jaguar in its natural habitat. The events feature a slide presentation highlighting the Chan Chich Jaguar Project, identifying individuals residing within our 30,000 acres of conservation land. Then it’s off for a night-time adventure using our specially designed open-backed truck. Guests will see several nocturnal birds, such as the Northern Potoo and the Spectacled Owl, while searching for creatures closer to the top of the food chain

The Chan Chich Jaguar Project conducts yearly surveys in and around Chan Chich Lodge and Gallon Jug every year using remotely-triggered cameras. These heat and motion sensitive cameras can be seen around the lodge, and photograph anything that passes in front of them (watch out – candid camera!). Because jaguars have unique patterns on their coats, we can identify individual cats based on these spot patterns and follow them throughout the property and over their lifetime. This means we can count the numbers of jaguars without ever seeing an animal first hand. The project is multi-faceted and includes examining impacts of timber extraction on large cats, as well as interactions of jaguars with other cats like pumas, ocelots, and their various prey species.

*Offer valid only for guests of Chan Chich Lodge.
**Limited availability, open to 16 guests only, first come first serve via email request to
[email protected].
***As this will be a popular event, please sign up for 1 of the 6 dates: Jan.13-14, 19-20 & 24-25, 2018.