Booking FAQ

The rainforest weather in Belize is generally based on 2 seasons: what we call the Green Season from June to November is historically more wet; with a drier Peak Season from December to May. The most frequent rainfall usually happens in June or early July often followed by a break in late July or August known as the “little dry.” As we are in the middle of the Jungle rainfall can vary. We also note that our animal residents are often more active after the rains. Humidity can rise during the day creating chilly mornings or hot afternoons.

Absolutely! Chan Chich is perfect for groups of all kinds. Contact our reservations department for a quote and to explore the many options.

Rooms tend to fill up two to six months in advance, sometimes even earlier, depending on the season. For Holidays and Peak Season (from Dec thru March 30th) we recommend to reserve 60 days or more in advance to reserve the dates and cottage category you are looking for.

We recommend guest stay at least four nights. It’s an adventure to get to Chan Chich and we’ve found that a minimum of four nights is needed to relax and experience all there is to do at this very special place.

Direct reservations can be paid through the On-Line Booking system on this site. In booking and on property we accept
MasterCard, Visa, American Express & Discover Cards.

Prepayment of the total reservation amount is required 60 days prior to arrival to guarantee a booking. 50% refund is possible if cancellation is received 31 or more days prior to arrival date. Prepayment is non-refundable within 30 days of arrival. Charters are refundable if cancelled at least 02 weeks in advance of the day of flying. Rates are subject to change without any notice.

A full breakfast is included in the room rate. For additional meal options see the Discovery Package.

Travel FAQ

Along with cool, light clothing, a swimsuit, sun hat, sunglasses and sandals, be sure to bring some light long pants, a long sleeved shirt and closed toed shoes for hiking the property and to avoid bug bites. Chan Chich Lodge has a very relaxed atmosphere, but some guests like to dress up a little for evening cocktails and dinner. Our gift shop sells both natural and Deet repellent, some select clothing, our own brand of hot sauces and estate grown coffee and locally made gifts. A recommended packing list will be provided upon booking.

Malaria and Dengue fever are rare but present in Belize. Most visitors to Belize choose not to receive special vaccinations but the choice is yours. (We recommend travelers everywhere to be up to date on their tetanus vaccination, however.) Consult the CDC website for more information.

Belize has a minimal Zika exposure risk. Pregnant women or women trying to get pregnant are encouraged to take extra precautions when traveling to countries that do have cases of Zika Virus. We recommend the use of a good mosquito repellent and wearing lightweight long sleeved shirts and pants for extra protection.

While Chan Chich Lodge does not sell travel insurance, it is recommended that you protect your investment through a reputable travel insurance company. Your credit card company will have the best recommendation for you of who to choose. We recommend doing research when selecting a provider to ensure that all aspects of your travel are comprehensively covered.

Visitors to Belize must possess a passport valid for at least three months after the date of arrival and a return/onward ticket. Visitors are given a one-month stay, after which an extension can be applied for with the Immigration Department. Visas are not required for citizens of the United States and its territories, Canada, United Kingdom and its territories, European Union, Caribbean and Central American countries. Visas are required for all other nationalities and can be obtained from any Belizean Embassy, consulate or British Embassy. For specific information contact the Immigration and Nationality Department.

For further information on visa entry requirements for Belize please visit the Belize Tourism Board website by clicking the following link: Visa and Immigration

Lodge FAQ

Chan Chich Lodge is located deep in la Selva Maya within 30,000 acres of private nature reserve. However, we offer several collaborations with choice lodges in Belize that blend our jungle experience with beach, mangroves or caye.

No matter what your dietary restrictions are, you will be able to freely enjoy the food at Chan Chich Lodge. Our garden to table philosophy emphasizes fresh vegetables and tropical fruit, cold pressed coconut oil, and our own naturally raised pastured meat. We use minimal dairy and it is easy to avoid gluten or substitute hand-made corn tortillas for flour tortillas. Just let us know your dietary needs when you book and we will be happy to accommodate.

Chan Chich Lodge is isolated in the jungle. Our large conservation land location means the closest villages are approximately 10 miles away.

Chan Chich Lodge is set within the plaza of an unexcavated Mayan temple complex. Our team is happy to share their knowledge of the rich cultural history that surrounds us. Additionally we offer guided tours to the some of Belize’s famous Mayan sites. Being close to the border of Guatemala, we offer day trips to Tikal as well.

We welcome kids of all ages. Due to our remote location and focus on wildlife viewing we suggest our guests join us with an appreciation of nature, whatever their age.

With our own 30,000-acre nature reserve that borders nearly a half a million acres of protected area, Chan Chich and Gallon Jug are teeming with wildlife. Commonly seen are Howler Monkeys, Spider Monkeys, Agouti, Coatimundi, and 2 species of Pecary, as well as the elusive Baird’s Tapir and iconic Jaguar, Puma, Ocelot and Margay. Additionally, we have an impressive bird list of more than 350 species.

Chan Chich has a wide selection of guided walks and excursions to choose from, in addition to 9 miles of well-maintained trails for exploration. See our On-Site Experiences page for a complete list of activities. We also offer numerous Off-Site Experiences as well.

Chan Chich is a special place, beautifully isolated in the jungle and your safety is our top priority. Entrance to Gallon Jug and Chan Chich is completely restricted with security gates at each entrance to the property. Our large conservation land location means the closest villages are approximately 10 miles away, other than our own staff in Sylvester Village, many of whom have worked with us since the lodge opened. Each cottage is equipped with a safe for your personal belongings; in our 30 years of operation we’ve never had an issue with theft.

Check-in time is : 12:00 PM
Check-out time is: 11:00 AM
If you are to depart before 6:00am, please settle your account after dinner the evening prior to your departure. If you are leaving later than check out time, we can store your luggage at the reception. The evening before departure you will be reminded about check out details, transfers and your time of departure. Please leave duffels and suitcases outside your door for pick up (inside if raining or during the rainy season.) Remember to review the security box. Please allow one hour for your meal and fifteen minutes for the check out process.

We do have phone access at the reception area of the Chan Chich property. In our jungle environment we offer you a rare opportunity to unplug and enjoy the sounds of howler monkeys and birdsong. Wifi is available only in our restaurant, bar and reception areas, and not in any of the cottages. We want you to stay connected with the outside world if need be, but encourage you to disconnect your electronic devices in order to connect with the magic of nature at la Selva Maya. Although it is generally a reliable service, it can be affected by adverse weather conditions due to our remote location.

Chan Chich has well-stocked first-aid kits and each of our guides and frontline personnel are CPR and First Response trained. Medical emergencies that require more than on-site attention are personally taken to La Loma Luz Hospital in Cayo.

Chan Chich Lodge has ceiling fans but does not have air conditioning (apart from the Luxury Cottage); we are a low impact conservation lodge that works rigorously to reduce our impact on the surrounding environment. We’ve found that the majority of our guests are quite comfortable. The architectural design of our cottages permits the constant flow of cross-ventilation through the screened windows and creates a fresh, breezy environment.